About NJ


Nabajyoti was established by Catholic mission ideology in the year 1983-84 Registered under the society’s registration Act 1860 bearing the Regd. No.22752/342-1983-84.  In this period organization has established itself as viable development of innovative approach in Sundergarh district in Balisankara Block. In particulars it is an infant organization but the kind of adventure that it has taken into it is remarkable to justify its every inception and March forward.

The invention during 2009-2010 adds new dimension to the history of the organization and its belief. We anticipate that we will further grow to prove our efficiency as a leading social development organization this activity report is the brief description of the successful activities taken by Nabajyoti. Organization aims to concrete social development by educated and uneducated organization/ organized sector should be changing social reform and guiding them into a revolution of self reliance own through collective action and community resources. In the day to day life of the less privileged tribal families over a short period the present brief report highlights the successful achievements in the following activities initiated during the period 2009-2010.


After working in the fields of development for a considerable time period in  the beginning of nineties, a group of leading members of organization and some N.G.O.s decided to conduct a self assessment exercise reflecting their contribution for the over all development of Sundergarh District. They felt that Interventions made by them are not adequate and also not fulfilling the need of the people in desired manner. This interaction also identified various problems. Contributing for slow development process such as:

  • Lack of adequate clarity on development issues.
  • Lack of common understanding and approaches in development action by the agencies.
  • Absence of common forums for sharing of ideas & experiences.
  • Lack of opportunities for small & grassroots level.
  • Lack of active organization to develop their skill and knowledge base.
  • Lack of pressure group at different levels to influence policy decisions.
  • Lack of clear term vision of programmes and organization in terms of sustainable development and lack of well organized systematic intervention for overall development of Sundergarh District.
  • Lack of organized efforts by the members of organization for documentation and dissemination / sharing of information.