Objectives of The Organisation:

NABA JYOTI is working with the following objectives:

  • To develop a common understanding and approach in the field of development.
  • To disseminate and share ideas, experiences and information.
  • To develop the skill & knowledge base of members of organizations.
  • To form and strengthen the district level forums with clear goal and objectives.
  • To act as a pressure group for policy interventions.
  • To undertake action interventions in a systematic manner with a clear log term vision for sustainable development of the society ensuring people’s participation.
  • To develop the Horticulture, Agriculture/ Modern technology and sustainable.
  • To develop Rural Education, Human value by participatory method / Group dynamic and decentralized management.
  • To develop a major issues by PRA.


  • Resource centre at the block level.
  • Up gradation of skill and knowledge base of rural people and N.G.O.s personnel.
  • Activating the administrative system of member organizations.
  • Dissemination of information.
  • Influencing government machinery with regard to policies and decision in the interest of the common people.
  • Initiating issue based on common action programme.
  • Co-ordination among members of organization and also project area.




Facilitating the need through a SWOT analysis of present scenario of N.G.O.s sector and rural people, based on the need, formation of block level forum with clear goal, objectives and constitution for democratic management.



Capacity building of member N.G.O.s through a series of training programmes based on the need of the block level forums.



Conducting situational study of the area through P.O.P.P (People Oriented Planning Process) with active participation of the people and developing a realistic plan of action based on the real need and priority of the people.



  1. Strengthening old member organization and formation of new society.
  2. Forming and strengthening the Regional forums.
  3. Conducting trainings, workshop etc. to upgrade skill and knowledge base of member organization.
  4. Documentation discretion / sharing of information’s.
  5. Conducting, Agriculture, Health, Education and such awareness programme from Govt. and Non-Government Agencies.